General Construction Services

GCS Advantages

Invested in Your Health

Safety, during a job and for years after our work is complete, is our top priority. It is a key component in the environmental industry and the main driving force behind our meticulous attention to detail.

The type of work we do not only affects the health of our own employees, but those who work in the buildings we renovate. Safety meetings are conducted for each project to review the standard safety procedures required by GCS with all those associated with the job.

We are committed to creating a healthy workplace for your employees during and after our work in your building.

Safety concerns covered during these meetings extend beyond the environmental issues specific to that job.  We are also sure to cover such topics as fire prevention, locations of safety equipment, emergency escape routes, electrical safety, and ladder and scaffold safety. We prioritize incorporating the safety requirements of the individual facility into the safety meeting.

When you work with us, safety is our top priority for all individuals who are affected by the project.